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2 Grade 11 Students Who Are Cousins Arrested for Alleged Robbery in Quezon City

Police Arrests 2 Grade 11 Students in Quezon City for Robbery Charges

ROBBERY INCIDENT – Two grade 11 students who are cousins were arrested for alleged robbery in Quezon City.

The young female victim was waiting for transportation in Barangay Bagong Pag-asa when she was reportedly accosted by four suspects, who allegedly brandished a bladed weapon. The suspects forcibly took the victim’s mobile phone before making a quick escape.

The poor victim wasted no time in seeking assistance from the local police, leading to the arrest of the two 18-year-old suspects. Although the authorities successfully recovered the weapon used in the crime, the victim’s cellphone remained missing.

Grade 11 Students

The thieves revealed their motives behind the illegal activity. One of the arrested cousins admitted that financial desperation caused by a sick family member prompted her to take part in the robbery.

He admitted that her actions were born out of a desperate need to provide for his sick parent. His remorse was noticeable as he described the circumstances that led him astray.

The other suspect, too, justified his involvement in the robbery upon familial illness. He explained that he had been dragged into the illegal act by his own family’s health problems.

The two students are placed under police custody while the authorities continue their efforts to locate and arrest the remaining suspects involved in the robbery. Law enforcement agencies are determined to bring all responsible individuals to justice.

Efforts to prevent young people from criminal activity should prioritize educational and occupational opportunities, as well as meeting families’ healthcare requirements. By addressing the causes of such crimes, society may work toward a more secure and just future for all of its citizens.

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Grade 11 Students