ARC mitigates effect of Covid-19 with #RCColaborate

ARC Refreshments Corp. employees

The licensed bottler, manufacturer and distributor of RC Cola and other beverages in the Philippines and other Asian countries has committed to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 through the release of an assistance fund worth P10 million for the benefit of all its employees across the country.

Through #RCColaborate, ARC Refreshments Corporation also provides aid to frontliners and its distributors and resellers in addition to communicating with social media audiences to keep them engaged with relief efforts.

ARC continues to search for ways to help employees deal with the impact of the crisis, like flexible work arrangement for select employees to lessen pay deduction, while minimizing exposure outside their homes.

The company approved the early release of pro-rata 13th month pay for its workers as well, and implemented workplace protocols such as wearing of facemasks, temperature check, and installation and use of alcohol/wash areas in its production plants.

ARC’s employee assistance program runs in parallel with donation efforts for other sectors. From March to April, the beverage company handed out more than P12.5 million to business partners consisting of distributors and resellers so they can have additional funds or capital to continue earning income despite the limitations caused by the pandemic.

Prior to Covid-19, we have used ‘RC ng Bayan’ as an advertising handle but now it has come to mean so much more to us than a way to move our products. This is a test of our sincerity, and also an opportunity to rethink how our business can truly be there fMarketing Head James Loverio said.

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