Frankie Pangilinan Statement Over Rejected Franchise Renewal Of ABS-CBN

Megastar daughter Frankie Pangilinan on franchise renewal denial of ABS-CBN network.

FRANKIE PANGILINAN – The daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta has made her stand regarding the denied franchise renewal of ABS-CBN network.

The rejected franchise renewal application of ABS-CBN has received a lot of comment but mostly were devastated for something with a vital role has been stopped by the government. ABS-CBN, after being denied to have a 25-year new franchise, was officially shut down and can no longer air.

Majority of the lawmakers voted “Yes” to junk the application despite the fact that the network has committed no violation and proved innocence after 13 hearings where they address certain issues. Only 11 voted for the renewal of the biggest media company in the Philippines to be approved.

And the Megastar daughter Frankie Pangilinan, has also made her stand just like many people, and she stands with ABS-CBN. In a Twitter post, she shared her point and opinion over the historic even where she indicated, “In addition to 11,000 families directly affected by the loss of livelihoods, so many of our people in remote areas will no longer have access to any sort of information amidst these trying times.”

To those who think delight over the stoppage of ABS-CBN broadcasting operations and thinking that loss of job is not a major issue, then, one is heartless as per Frankie. She also stressed that this has all happened amid this tough time of pandemic.

The voting result was a landslide where majority of the lawmakers who were present chose not to give the network the franchise renewal application. There were only 11 who are not against of it and the network needed 43 votes to have the grant.


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