Homeless Man Spotted Reading Books Inside Mall in Muntinlupa Earn Praise Online

Frontliner Flaunts Homeless Man Spotted Reading Books Inside Mall in Muntinlupa

Frontliner flaunts homeless man on barefoot reading books inside a mall in Muntinlupa City goes viral and earn praise from the online community.

An inspired frontliner named Robert Sison shared a photo of man spotted reading books inside a books store in Muntinlupat City mall. Robert, a nurse from Ospital ng Muntinlupa said that he went to a mall to buy an activity book for his nephew.

Homeless Man Reading Books
Image Source: Facebook

When he turns into the next bookshelf he saw an old man on bare feet and no clothes busy reading a book. He added that the man stands and look for another book to read.

“Pagturn ko po sa next row/shelf nakita ko po nakaupo si Manong reading silently. Then nakita ko tumayo siya and looked for another book to read,” he said.

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According to Sison, many customers have noticed the topless man in barefoot is reading a fictional book. He also said that seeing the man humbled him. He also thanked the staff of the store for allowing the man to read some books.

“I am so privileged to finish my degree in a regular school and learning is not limited inside the school premises only. Yet, the old man despite his poverty finds a way to enrich himself by reading,” Sison said.

“Truly, every person has a story to tell to everyone. We just need to be conscious and be observant in our surroundings,” he added.

His Facebook post has gone viral on social media and inspired many netizens. Netizens were touched by the photo of an old man who was photographed stumbling and reading a book at a popular bookstore.

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