How Drew Arellano juggles time for his three kids

TV host Drew Arellano seems to be one very busy guy, which make his fans wonder how he manages to find time to attend to all of his three kids with fellow host Iya Villania, namely Primo, Leon and baby Alana.

In a pre-Father’s Day interview with TV host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal on her YouTube channel last Monday, June 7, one Bam Concepcion asked how Arellano actually manages his time.

“People think I’m busy but I’m actually not busy. People don’t know this about me. Even before the pandemic, I was already a home buddy,” Arellano said.

He corrected the misconception that he’s working almost 24/7. Arellano said that in terms of his TV work, it just takes three days in a week, and two days for actual travels for his travel show “Biyahe ni Drew.”

“People think na parang I’m traveling all over the Philippines and the world, but TV does that to you na parang (it’s like) ‘oh, wow.’ But the thing is, that’s just two days in a week… before,” he said. “[For] the other work, I just do a couple of hours and I’m pretty much home all the time.”

drew arellano with kids ig
Drew Arellano and his kids. Image: Instagram/@drewarellano

When home, Arellano’s first activity in a day is to exercise and train, and he’s done by 9 a.m. He does Zoom interviews for about an hour or three, one day in a week. Then he shoots a cooking segment for one hour. He then has the rest of this time to spend with his kids.

Arellano added that while there can be a few stressful times with the children, spending time with them is still “awesome” overall.

“You have like mga siguro (around maybe) a total of 22 minutes, you want to whack them and for 23 hours and so minutes, you really adore them and love them,” he said. “When they are together, they are so awesome.” JB


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