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Netizens Praise Fast-Food Chain for Recognizing Achievements of Working Students

Fast-Food Chain Receives Praise Online for Recognizing Achievements of Working Students

The netizen praised a popular fast-food chain McDonald’s for recognizing the achievements of their working students.

King John Ortega Milo, a Facebook user, recently shared the photo of graduation pictures and certificates of diligent working students of a fast-food chain. The post elicits reactions from the internet users.

King John was on his way to the hospital to visit his nephew when he decided to make a quick stop at McDonald’s to buy some fries and a burger for his nephew. While enjoying his meal, he couldn’t help but notice the display of graduation achievements on the restaurant’s walls.

Fast-Food Chain

“I was on my way to hospital to visit my nephew, but I remembered that he was asking for fries and burger. So, I decided to buy sa McDonald’s for him. While kumakain ako, nakita ko yun, and for me it was inspiring,” Milo said.

For King, it’s a great thing that employers appreciate and recognize the determination of their employees, particularly working students, to complete their education although it may seem like a small thing to others.

Kahit na simpleng bagay lang ito para sa iba, for me napakalaking bagay na yung ma-appreciate and ma-recognize ng employer ung pagta-thrive ng kanilang employees to finish their studies,” King John said.

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The post shows the resilience of working students who juggle the demands of their jobs and academic pursuits. The story may serve as an inspiration to those who may face similar challenges on their educational journeys.

Here is the full post:

Kudos to MCDO Lingayen for publicly recognizing your employees’ achievements in their professional development journey.

Thank you for showing your support and commitment to continuous learning and improvement, which will inspire and motivate your employees and other working students to do the same.

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