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Teacher Discovers Disgusting Object in Burger From Restaurant

Female Teacher Airs Dismay After Discovering Disgusting Object in Burger She Bought From Restaurant

A female teacher expressed her disappointment after discovering a disgusting object in a burger she bought from a restaurant.

The educator took to social media to express her disappointment after finding a worm in the lettuce of her burger at a well-known eatery in Cauayan, Negros Occidental. The post garnered various reactions from the internet users.

According to her Facebook post, she had visited the restaurant six to seven times in the past and had always enjoyed her meals there. However, her recent dining experience left her frustrated.


The customer explained that as soon as her burger was served, she spotted a worm on the lettuce. Disturbed by the sight, she requested a replacement burger. When the new burger arrived, it appeared to be the same one with the worm.

The lettuce had been flipped, but the worm was still in the exact same spot. She voiced her dissatisfaction and asked for another burger. During the third attempt, she noticed that it was indeed the same burger as before. Only the lettuce had been swapped out.

The teacher went on to express her disappointment and vowed never to dine at the establishment again. She also recommended that lettuce should be properly soaked in water with ice and a little bit of salt to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and fresh before being used in dishes.

FYI…All of us are very observant with the food we are taking, how it taste , how it prepares…. So with this experience, for me lettuce should be soak in a water with ice and a little bit of salt to remove whatever sticks on it and make it crunchy and fresh, is it?…. You’re an X now to our lists! Never to dine there again, disappointing!!! she wrote.

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