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Atif Aslam asks fans to donate to Gaza instead of throwing money at him

Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam, currently on tour in the United States, captured the hearts of millions of adoring fans once again with his recent gesture of solidarity with Gaza during a live concert. In a viral social media video, an enthusiastic fan showered currency notes upon the iconic artist as he performed.

Aslam's immediate response was to halt his performance and kindly offer advice to his fan, "My friend, instead of showering money at me, you can donate it." He invited the fan onto the stage and encouraged him to contribute the money to a charitable cause, acknowledging the fan's generosity. Atif expressed, "I appreciate your wealth, but the act of showering money can be seen as disrespectful."

In a heartwarming act of support, the Aadat singer recently stepped forward to make a substantial contribution of PKR15 million towards essential medical and food aid for Gaza, Palestine. The singer's benevolent donation comes at a time when the region is grappling with a humanitarian crisis, prompting a tender acknowledgement from the charity organisation to which he donated.

Taking to Instagram, the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan shared a post featuring the talented star, sharing their profound appreciation for his altruistic gesture. The post read, "Deep gratitude to the esteemed Atif Aslam for his generous contribution of 15 million PKR towards essential medical and food aid for Gaza, Palestine during these trying times. We humbly request your support for the Alkhidmat Gaza Fund."

The artist also spoke with Connect FM Canada about inspiring other artists who try to replicate his distinctive singing style. “I personally feel that it’s a privilege that someone is attempting a rendition of your song and trying to embody your style, it’s a source of great honour,” he remarked. “Someone is making money from this, the covers are sustaining his livelihood. It’s amazing that it’s helping people like this,” he added.