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History will remember those who had the power to make a difference and didn’t: Mahira Khan

Leading actress Mahira Khan took to social media to condemn the ongoing genocide.Taking to her Instagram feed, Mahira Khan shared a carousel post of videos and images that displayed the extent of destruction in Palestine.

The star penned alongside, “This is the genocide of Palestinian people. This is the killing of innocent human beings – men, women and children (majority children). History will remember those who had the power to make a difference and didn’t, those who could bring an end to this and remained quiet…They will always have blood on their hands. Praying every moment with a broken heart.”

Ayesha Omar took to her Instagram to share an image of Palestinian children, covered in dust, standing in front of the havoc wreaked by Israeli attacks. “Hoping and praying for an immediate ceasefire,” wrote the actor. “May Allah ease the pain and suffering of all the innocent lives, especially children, in Gaza. May the truth always win. May Allah bless the souls of the ones who have lost their lives in this genocide. Ameen.”

Nadia Jamil did not hold back when it came to her Instagram post. Sharing a bird’s eye view of the destruction, the actor said, “I stand with Palestine. I stand with Gaza. I am against the Holocaust of Palestine by the terrorist state of Israel. Since 1948 to now, everything Israel has done to the people of Palestine and their land has been wrong and unjustified.”

She continued, “Shame on the government of the USA for funding this Holocaust. Shame on the royalty of [Saudi Arabia] for its diplomatic game at a time like this and shame on the government of the UK for standing with Israel. Shame on the government of Pakistan for its embarrassingly timid silence. And respect for the millions of people standing on the humane side of history.”

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