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Islamabad police ensuring enhanced security measures in high-security zone

Islamabad Capital Police have taken robust measures to bolster security arrangements in the high-security zone and ensure effective measures around important buildings.

The diligent efforts of the Islamabad Capital Police teams in the high-security zone have been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of crucial hearings in the superior courts.

Under the guidance of senior police officers, police spokesman said that all personnel on duty have been instructed to prioritize the security of vital government offices, superior courts, and embassies situated within the high-security zone.

Furthermore, strict adherence to duty protocols has been emphasized, with all officers and personnel urged to display unwavering commitment in maintaining peace and security. Any form of negligence or complacency during duty hours is strictly prohibited.

Islamabad Capital Police is resolutely implementing all necessary measures to safeguard the lives and property of the citizens. Any disruptions to public peace will be dealt with firmly and swiftly.

Citizens are earnestly requested to collaborate with the police by promptly reporting any suspicious activities or items to their respective police station or by contacting the emergency helpline “Pucar-15.”

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