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Khawarij vs Pakistan

Suicide attack on peaceful participants of traditional Milad procession in Mastung on the sacred day of 12th Rabi-ul-Awal is undeniably an attempt to destabilize the Pakistan. Cross-border terrorist attack on a post in Zhob and blast during Jumma prayer gathering at a mosque in Hangu on same day are closely synchronized acts to dent the resilience of Pakistan.

Terrorist groups claiming the responsibility of blood bath of peaceful participants of Milad procession have already been declared Khawarij by authentic religious scholars of Pakistan.

Surging terrorism in Baluchistan and KP provinces needs to be seen in correct perspective. Gruesome terrorist attacks have deep roots attached to the developments taking place in neighboring countries. Indian quarters are trying hard to divert the attention of international and local critics from the embarrassing episode of RAW sponsored Hardeep Singh murder in Canada.

Indian disinfo mills are portraying the martyrdom of DSP in Mastung attack as a well-planned revenge of recent past killing of police officer in IIOJK. Pakistan is being projected as epicenter of terrorism and patron of Afghan Taliban. While the terrorist groups operating in KP and Baluchistan with undeniable support of Afghanistan based RAW’ proxies, Indian disinformation networks are portraying TTP and its splinter groups as a homegrown problem of Pakistan.

Indian disinfo mills are portraying the martyrdom of DSP in Mastung attack as a well-planned revenge of recent killing of police officer in IIOJK.

There is need to understand the larger plan by identifying the intended objectives of hostile quarters. Let’s focus on some pertinent aspects.

First, terrorism resurgence aims at disrupting Pakistan’s ties with regional players especially the China. Thrust in Baluchistan is all about sabotage of CPEC.

Two, India has been assigned a lead role in China containment drive. This factor alone is enough to understand the nature of linkage between RAW and the anarchists operating in Baluchistan.

Three, terrorist groups like TTP, IS-K which refuse the constitutional supremacy of state of Pakistan are kept alive in poorly governed folds of Afghanistan to accelerate the destabilizing drive at best available opportunities.

Four, Armed Forces and LEAs are being targeted by hostile quarters to expedite the destabilizing process in Pakistan. This venomous objective can be easily extracted from the malicious propaganda made by Indian media outlets.

It is very much clear that internal security problems of Pakistan have deep roots attached to complex geo-political contestation. Terrorists responsible for attacks inside Pakistan, are operating freely on Afghan soil. Liberty of action and resources available to the miscreants in their safe havens are mysteriously meaningful.

Pakistan’s genuine concerns and diplomatic patience on unchecked infiltration of hardcore terrorists from Afghanistan merits serious practical measures from Afghan interim government much beyond the usual verbal assurances. Afghan Taliban aka interim Afghan government (IAG) should keep certain points in focus while dealing with the concerns of Pakistan on the issue of terrorism.

One, Pakistan has zero tolerance policy towards TTP and all its splinter groups, therefore, prolonged denial or divergence policy may not prove beneficial for Afghanistan as well as for regional peace.

It is worth mentioning that authentic religious quarters have declared anti-Pakistan terrorist groups including TTP as non-Muslim and an extension of Khawarij.

Two, Pakistan believes in a friendly stable Afghanistan without having any favorites there. IAG, at the moment, enjoys zero international recognition and Pakistan is out of such few countries who always advocate international community to engage with Afghanistan for the sake of humanitarian cause.

Three, millions of afghan refugees have adopted Pakistan as second home. Despite multiple economic and security issues, Pakistan continues to extend brotherly support to Afghanis. This brotherly support should not be taken for granted as Pakistan has legitimate rights to expel the illegal immigrants and criminals.

Four, there is almost a consensus in regional and international community regarding presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan’s concerns on TTP’s cross border terrorism from Afghanistan are beyond any doubt. Being signatory of Doha deal, IAG is duty bound to eliminate cross border terrorism from Afghanistan. While Pakistan seems focused on eliminating all brands of terrorism for the much needed stability, it is about time for IAG as well to coup-up the response deficiencies and weigh the consequences of denying the genuine concerns of a trustworthy neighbor like Pakistan.

It is very much evident that India, along with its puppets, is making every move to exploit the ethnic and sectarian fault lines in Pakistan. Three terrorist attacks on the holy day of 12th Rabi-ul-Awal are a stark reminder that the war against the menace of terrorism is not yet over.

Enemy is trying to snatch the pride and resilience from us. Terrorist groups are the Khawarijs of present era. Terrorists have stamped themselves as Khawarijs by attacking those peaceful Muslims who were offering respects to the Holy Prophet peace be upon Him through Darood-o-Salam. Terrorists have actually struck at the very soul of Pakistan.

Solution lies in maintaining the unity and safeguarding the national interests on all fronts. Like past, Pakistan and its resilient citizens will prevail and beat back the menace of Indian sponsored Khawarij.

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