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Mawra Hocane is proud Pakistan 'isn't bitter,' Ahmad Ali Butt upset by team's 'bad performance'

The Pakistan Cricket Team's performance in the ongoing Cricket World Cup has witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions from fans and celebrities alike. Among them, actors Mawra Hocane and Ahmad Ali Butt expressed their thoughts on social media, highlighting the varying perspectives on the team's performance.

In a candid Instagram Story, Butt did not hold back his feelings about Pakistan's performance. He began by expressing a sense of disillusionment, which resonated with many cricket enthusiasts. "Like everything else in this country, our cricket has also been politicised to its core," he wrote. 

Butt went on to admit that he had barely watched the tournament and felt that excuses and justifications for the team's "bad performance" had drained his enthusiasm. This disillusionment was compounded by the reception from the neighbouring country, which he sarcastically described as "wonderful." His words conveyed the disappointment shared by fans who tend to invest their emotions in the team's journey.

"There will be no accountability for this and fingers will be pointed along with political moves on who controls the team, but the fact is in our performance. Seems like a 'software update' is due," said Butt on his Instagram Story. He wrapped up his message with the hashtags 'Cricket World Cup' and 'Pakistan Cricket Team.'

On the flip side, Hocane took to X to share a more optimistic perspective. Quoting a post by the ICC, she acknowledged Pakistan's turbulent journey in the World Cup, the need for improvement, and the desire for a miracle. While acknowledging the challenges, she spotlighted the essence of Pakistan's sportsmanship.

"We may falter over and over and over, and yes, we need to improve our game...and we need a miracle right now to even survive...but through victories and failures...through one gives respect to opponents like us!" stated the star. She praised the Pakistani mindset that values respect for opponents, even in the face of adversity. "I’m proud that my country isn’t bitter," penned the actor.

She further highlighted the nation's warmth and kindness, which "outshines," despite the ups and downs of the game. For Hocane, it's the spirit of the players and the fans that makes her proud. "We play games, not wars. We fight at the field but we don’t mock, we don’t insult or demean. I’m proud of our mindset. Winning and losing are a part of the game. Keep your head down either way," she shared.

We may falter over and over and over & yes we need to improve our game.. & we need a miracle right now to even survive… but through victories & failures.. through generations.. no one gives respect to opponents like us!
I’m proud that my country isn’t bitter… despite…

— MAWRA HUSSAIN (@MawraHocane) October 24, 2023