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PTI urges constitutional adherence and transparent elections following President Alvi’s interview

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson termed the President Dr. Arif Alvi’s interview to a private TV channel as an unbiased comprehensive review of the country’s prevailing situation highlighting the need and importance of the solution of the ongoing political and constitutional crises in the country.

PTI spokesperson urged that the state should hammer out a strategy in the light of the President’s interview to ensure a meaningful solution to the current crises rather than insisting on the tradition of deviating from the constitution and igniting tension through the
illegal and immoral use of coercion and force.

He highlighted that in his interview, the head of the state’s talks about the inevitability of public mandate through transparent elections echoed of national aspirations.

PTI spokesperson further said that the President’s unequivocal testimony about PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s financial integrity and patriotism reflected the reality of the nation’s trust in Imran Khan.

He underlined the need that the solution to Pakistan’s complex political, legal, judicial and economic crises was undoubtedly hidden in the supremacy and respect of the constitution and upholding the rule of law.

PTI spokesperson went on to say that free, fair and transparent elections were the key to the survival and continuity of democracy in the country and the guarantor to the protection of the sanctity and status of the Parliament.

However, he made it clear that the concept of clean and transparent elections was unthinkable and farce without providing level playing field for election campaigns, political activities and press and broadcasting for all political parties and groups desiring to participate in the elections.

PTI spokesperson contended that like the President, all the institutions of the state should have to acknowledge the importance of free, fair and timely elections in the light of the intent and mandate of the Constitution.

He emphasized that like the President of the country, the nation was also looking towards the Supreme Court (SC) to make all state institutions bound to perform their duties including holding of elections within the purview of the constitution.

PTI spokesperson said that the realization of the catastrophic effects of the ongoing series of enforced disappearances and the change of political loyalties through use of power on the state, politics and society was also very important.

Therefore, he suggested that the state should devise a plan to pay way for meaningful solution to the prevailing crisis in the light of the President’s interview instead of insisting on the tradition of deviating from the constitution and inciting tension through the use of illegal and immoral coercive tactics.