Środa sugeruje, że zdjęcie imigranta z krową to ustawka


autor: Fratria

autor: Fratria

Football news:

Hazard can play with Barca. He has not played in the clasico yet, having missed the previous 4 due to injuries
Laporta about Fati: It was necessary to do everything possible for him to stay. Barcelona is the best place for him
Mourinho on 6 missed for the first time in his career: My feelings are not a problem. Such a defeat does not harm me, but the guys
Pellegrini pro 1-6 with Bude-Glimt: Roma deserved a slap in the face. I can only apologize
PSG hope that Ramos will make his debut for the club in November
Roma Mourinho was torn apart in the Arctic Circle - 6:1! Holand's friend has 2+ 3, Jose missed so much for the first time
Henri doesn't think Salah is the best in the world: How can we forget about Lewandowski and Benzema? But in the Premier League, he is the best by a margin