PM Orban: As a PM I will support all projects initiated by Nicusor Dan

Ludovic Orban

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday said that he would support all projects initiated by the newly elected general mayor of the Capital City, Nicusor Dan, and said that the Executive would "bring to a good end" all projects that are related to the governmental area but, in fact, they "generate benefits for Bucharest", according to AGREPRES.

The newly elected mayor Nicusor Dan was sworn-in during a ceremony organised at the Municipality's headquarters, which was also attended by Prime Minister Orban.

The PM specified that on Thursday, "the authorization and the order to start the works were issued on all the 17 kilometers of segment 2 of the ring road of Bucharest."

He also referred to the adoption, on Wednesday evening, at the government's meeting, of a memorandum on the rehabilitation of "106 kilometers of the primary network" of the district heating system of the Capital City.

The head of Executive also mentioned a number of other government projects targeting the Capital City.

"Also, many other projects regarding the extension of the subway network, the construction of the passages along the current belt at the intersection of the arteries coming out of Bucharest, the construction of the railway ring and the master plan of transport, both on the railway ring and on certain sections of the interior of Bucharest. And many other projects that are financed and supported by the Government," added Orban.

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