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Opposition Leader calls on PM to intervene & address drug shortage situation

LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has described the medical drug shortage situation in the country as ‘self-inflicted’ by a government that does not care about the health of its citizens.

In a statement , Hon Wale said the reasons given by the Government are simply terrible excuses for incompetence, indecision, lack of attention, negligence, and irresponsibility at various levels of government right up to the top.

Opposition Leader Hon. Matthew Wale

The Opposition Leader made the statement following media reports that the health ministry is currently monitoring the issue of drug shortage and the option of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) switching to emergency mode.

“When our national hospital is considering switching to emergency mode then basically it means the NRH is in crisis. One wonders what the situation is like with other provincial hospitals,” he said.

Hon Wale said what is sad about this continuously deteriorating tragedy is that the Government is neither taking responsibility nor care in providing solutions or alternative.

Hon Wale added that there is negligence in the management of the supply and distribution chain and shortage of drugs in our clinics and hospitals.

He said this has been a chronic situation that no one seems willing to resolve.

The Opposition Leader said the government’s approach to storage, distribution and management of medical drugs in the country has been business as usual.

“The continuous no care attitude and the irresponsibility by the government is shocking. It clearly depicts a government that is reckless and unresponsive,” he said.

Hon Wale said prioritizing the Pacific Games than the health of citizens in this country is just heartless of the DCGA government.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister to intervene and address this matter. Otherwise, he should summon the responsible officers or better make changes in the key positions to resolve this ongoing situation. We cannot continue to treat this as business as usual. Stop gambling with the lives of our citizens,” he said.