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Solrais Partners With SINIS High Performance for National Athletes Development

The Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High-Performance program has sealed an agreement with Solrais Company for the in-kind investment of mutual benefit in continuous support towards sports development.

On Wednesday 28th September 2022, a partnership agreement was signed for the period from September 2022 to December 2023 for delivery of; the SINIS Athlete of the Month Scheme, SINIS Snack Pack Scheme, and SINIS Corporate Partnership.

This partnership serves to equip and empower national athletes to thrive and to promote strong support for developing the best athletes and people that can produce optimal performance leading up to the 2023 Pacific Games.

Signing the partnership agreement Solrais Country Manager James Bradford said the company is always committed to recognizing sports development at all levels leading to the international stages.

“We are happy to be able to allow athletes to pursue the sports discipline of their choice. It’s extremely exciting for us to be invited and discuss the potential partnership with SINIS because that’s the next level,” says Mr. Bradford.

“We usually support sports at the grassroots level, which is great because it gets people and communities to get exposed when they pursuing their career where they can excel with the opportunity with these programs and services provided at SINIS."

He added that through the partnership with SINIS they are certain that their support reaches athletes to get the training, equipment, nutrition, health/wellbeing, and systematic support positioned for success.

“So, we are excited to be sponsoring through this partnership, and look forward to working closely more in the future and see athletes develop,” he stated.

SINIS Executive Director Aaron Alsop commended Solrais on their positive response saying that it will be an interactive partnership for athletes who crave success.

“On behalf of the athletes and staff, we are extremely grateful for Solrais and the amazing team for supporting us in this regard.

“We are able now to support the athletes with a range of programs we do particularly where we focus on their health and nutrition.

"We know that there’s a huge commitment and sacrifice for them to train and put their bodies through the hard work that they do and to be able to support them with the brand that the country loves as a stable food in our diet and is something that we're very grateful for Solrais to see that vision we are trying to do with each of our programs and services,” Alsop said.

Solrais sponsorship details as follows;

SINIS Athlete of the Month Scheme Partnership Deliverables, as identified by SINIS;

• Solrais to provide and deliver 2x 20kg Rice bag 1 female and 1 male SINIS athlete per month for a 16-month period
• Solrais to provide 2x SINIS x Solrais co-branded T-Shirts, 2x branded backpacks SINIS per a 16-month period
SINIS Snack Pack Scheme
Partnership Deliverables, as identified by SINIS
• Solrais to provide and deliver 5x 20kg (100kg total) bags of rice on weekly basis for 16-month period

SINIS Corporate Partnership, Partnership Deliverables, as identified by SINIS;

• Solrais to provide and deliver 2x 20kg bags of rice for best male and female athlete for a maximum of four (4) SINIS Uni sports events across a 16-month period
• Solrais to provide SINIS with exclusive partnership set price on 20kg bags for general catering purposes
• Solrais to design, print and provide 850 x Solrais and SINIS co-branded singlets for athletes

SINIS will liaise with the company to develop these elements and ensure all deliverables will be produced and ready to meet identified schedules.

Source: SINIS Media