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MANZINI - “I was approached by an Asian businessman to lie that I have shares in his supermarket so that he can get 60 per cent of the claim, instead of 40 per cent,” alleged a liSwati.

The liSwati, whose name appears in documents of one of the claims which were filed with the Reconstruction Fund, alleged that the businessman promised to pay him E50 000 and give him 15 per cent permanent shares in his business if their plan would work. He alleged that he agreed to the proposal because he saw an opportunity to make easy money. Indeed, he alleged that a while after the agreement was made, the businessman went to his home country and he (liSwati) manned the supermarket. He claimed that one day, officers from EswatiniBank visited the business premises and ‘I confirmed to them that I was a shareholder and from there, they dealt with me in processing the claim’.

However, he said since the businessman who approached him was in his home country and his bank account was inactive, the bank asked him (liSwati) to submit one that was active. He claimed that he contacted the businessman and he advised him to approach one of his fellow countrymen so that they could use his bank account. Later on, he said he learnt that the payment was made, but the businessman who received the money told him that he would not give him anything, as he had not made any agreement with him. He alleged that the businessman told him to wait for his supposed ‘partner’ to return to Eswatini.


After his supposed ‘partner’ had returned, he alleged that he purportedly threatened him when he asked for the E50 000 and shares in the business. He claimed that later on, he asked for the money only, but still the ‘partner’ failed to pay him. “At times I threatened him too by saying I will go to the police, but he did not care as he continued to ignore my calls,” the man claimed. When asked if he was aware that he committed a crime by agreeing to the proposal, he said he knew that he lied. He emphasised that he agreed to the proposal because he saw an opportunity to make easy money.