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MBABANE – A sickly woman who is said to have sought assistance in the form of treatment from a ‘prophet’ ended up being allegedly raped.

This is said to have happened at a community in northern Hhohho, where the said prophet, Zwelithini Nkambule, is said to have moved. Nkambule has since been arrested and appeared before Magistrate Sibonelo Dlamini on Thursday. It is alleged that the prophet was known for assisting people in various ways and that when the alleged rape survivor *Jelly  became ill, a certain resident recommended that she should be taken to him. It is alleged that Jelly’s husband had heard about Nkambule’s abilities to heal, such that he also allegedly agreed that his wife should be treated by him.

Jelly is said to have complained of pains all over her body and this is said to have gone on for a long time. Thereafter, it was agreed that she should be taken to the prophet. She is said to be 48 years old, while Nkambule is aged 29. Nkambule is said to have insisted she stays at his compound for treatment when she was taken to him.


She is reported to have continued to complain of the pain at that time. It is alleged that recently, on one of the days he was expected to treat her, at around midnight, Nkambule asked Jelly’s husband if he could go with her to the bush to remove a tokoloshi. Traditionally, it is believed that a tokoloshi is a mischievous creature of spirit resembling a small hairy person. It is also believed that it is used to cause harm and terrorise its victims through witchcraft means. Nkambule is said to have told Jelly’s husband that the only way she could be healed was if the tokoloshi, which was causing pain in her body, was removed.

After asking permission from Jelly’s husband to take her to the bush at around midnight and remove the tokoloshi, Jelly is said to have gone with the man under the guise that he would treat her. It is alleged that while the prophet was in the bush with the woman, he allegedly began to apply ash on her body. He is also said to have applied some of the ash on the woman’s private parts and then asked her to lie down so that he could continue with the treatment. When she lay on the ground, it is alleged that Nkambule then raped her and she asked him what he was doing.

The woman is said to have been angry about the incident and later reported the matter to the police in Pigg’s Peak. An investigation was carried out by the Domestic Violence and Child Protection Unit, after which Nkambule was arrested. The veracity of these allegations is yet to be contested during trial in court.


According to further court records, Nkambule is accused of violating the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act 15 of 2018.
The court record stated that on September 23, 2023, the accused wrongfully, unlawfully and intentionally had sexual intercourse with the said adult female. It further stated that he did not use a condom and exposed her to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Further, that he inflicted physical and lifetime mental trauma. Meanwhile, last week, this publication reported that a police officer was arrested for allegedly raping two women.

He is said to have been slapped with two counts of rape. Sandile Sihlongonyane (37) had appeared at the Shiselweni Magistrate Court in Nhlangano.
He appeared before Magistrate Sifiso Ngwenya. It was reported that he could face up to 36 years behind bars if found guilty. The veracity of the allegations against the police officer is also yet to be contested in court.