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MANZINI – After the electorate walked out of Mtfonjeni High School on Saturday, as Manzi Zwane was not in the voters roll, the nominations were drama free yesterday.

Zwane, who is the outgoing Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nhlambeni Constituency, on Saturday with 29 other electrorate, were not listed on the voters roll under their chiefdom.
This, according to Zwane, transpired when they were checking their names in the voters roll in order to partake in the business of the day. He said as they inspected the voters roll, he discovered that his name was listed under Njelu chiefdom yet he was from Ngonini. According to Zwane, he approached the Returning Officer, Nonkuleleko Ndzinisa, who requested that they proceed while the issue was being addressed.

Zwane said the people were not happy about this and they walked out of the polling station. This resulted in the nominations proceeding yesterday wherein Ndzinisa informed the electorate that the issue had been resolved. Later on, the returning officer conformed that there had been technical glitches which had resulted in some members of the electorate being omitted from the roll. She further acknowledged that this had not augured well with the electorate and as such, her pleas to have the process continue while the challenge was being addressed on Saturday fell on deaf ears.


However, she said the issue was resolved and communicated to the electorate through the royal, kraal hence the nominations continued without any hindrances yesterday. Thereon, the nominations were conducted without any hindrance as Zwane was the first to be nominated by the over 200 people gathered at the school hall. As they nominated him, the returning officers had to request the crowd not to scream as over 10 people stood up and rushed to the front in order to second the nominee. As they clambered to second the nomination, some were ordered to return to their seats. Others opted to exit the hall as they claimed they had completed their task. Subsequently, an officer had to reiterate that the nomination process required that at least three people be nominated. After her reiteration, Bayabonga Nkambule (32), was nominated for the position of MP as well.

Nkambule, who is an electrician, also had a large following as over 10 members of the youth stood up in support of his nomination. The last candidate to be nominated for MP at Ngonini Chiefdom was Nelisiwe Dlamini (45). Dlamini, who is a farmer, had women ululating as she stood up to accept the nomination. The women also stood up in numbers to support her as they shouted that they were being represented in the election process. Nominees for MP at Ngonini Chiefdom: Manzi Zwane, Bayabonga Nkambule, Nelisiwe Dlamini.