Music exp- resses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
This statement by renowned writer William Shakespeare has proven to be true with Eswatini renowned songbird Nomalungelo Dhladhla, who by far is one of the top female Afro-soul musicians to emerge out of this country. She did not only make a name for herself but she has become ac the role model upcoming afro soul artists look up to.
 She has also managed to come up with a new sound which she describes as a bit funky but soulful.  Ready to change and elevate the industry, the song stress takes GCWALA into her journey and new world of music.

Who is Nomalungelo?

Nomalungelo is a young, gifted Liswati artist.

What inspired you to venture into music?

Music allowed me to do the things I love to do, tell stories, inspire, travel and meet interesting people with amazing stories. In as much as it chose me, I fell in love with who music allowed me to be.

What feeds your creativity?

People and their stories. I love good love stories. I write about people’s stories and at times my own. I’m also into equality and caring about real 21st century issues affecting the human race. Like gender equality and race issues.

We know you have been in the industry, what have you learned?

Self-mastery is the key to success. It takes asking yourself tough questions, but it’s all worth it.

You came back from South Africa with a new sound, what inspired you?

Freedom of speech. I wanted to sound like the person I like to think I am. Fun and ready to take on the world. Afro soul/Afro jazz will forever be apart of me. Music is a journey and I’m just discovering sounds... Like a musician should.

What are you willing to change in the local industry?

Myself. Right now all I can do is make sure I build a brand and reputation strong enough to make a change that can be replicated as the winning formula.

What were your downfalls as an artist?

Zero, I wouldn’t change anything about my life experiences. I’ve been failing forward so far.
What advice would you give to upcoming artists?
Find your sound in the mysterious world of music. You have all the time to be the best version of yourself. It’s your journey, take your time mastering your craft and have fun doing what you love.

Do you have other projects in the pipeline, if yes what can people expect?

Yes, I’m working on reconnect the album and live concert in December. I’m super excited to announce this and even more exciting to pile on the work.

What do you always do before you get on stage?

Meditate, tune my guitar to tune my voice and pray. It helps me get over the mild anxiety.

Name five things people do not know about you?

I’m shy.
I get mild stage fright just before going on.
I sing to myself in the loo, LOL.
I hate worms.
I love working at night, it’s the best part of being an artist.

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