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MBABANE – Leader of the Nazareth Church, His Holiness Unyazi Lwezulu, will not be sleeping in a hotel during his visit to Eswatini next week with thousands of his congregants.

This was revealed by a senior preacher of the local church, Qedusizi Ndlovu, on national radio yesterday morning. Ndlovu said by principle, leaders of the Nazareth Church, popularly known as Shembe, did not use hotels. He said the principle applied to all members of the church, meaning there would be no boost for hotels. He said Unyazi Lwezulu was expected in the country on May 22, 2023 and they could camp at Bethany in Mahlanya, which is their main place of worship.

Ndlovu stated that the leader would be accompanied by members of the church from South Africa (SA) and other neighbouring countries. As a result, he said he anticipated over 200 000 members in one place during the course of the two-week event. He said his anticipation was informed by the fact that the event would almost match the main event, which is held in the first week of July every year. It has been gathered that the July Festival is the most popular event, where all members come from all over SA to attend it.


The event starts on the first day of July and ends on the last Sunday. Throughout the period, there are alternative days of dancing and engaging in other activities. There is also a sacred dance, which usually attracts a large number of spectators on the final Sunday. Other activities during the course of the festival include sermons by variety of preachers, testimonies by church members and prayer for the sick. “You heard me right. We are anticipating over 200 000 people in one place because the event will almost be similar to the July event. You cannot imagine the numbers in your own eyes,” Ndlovu said when asked if he really meant 200 000 people would converge in one place during the course of the prayer service. However, another member of the church said he anticipated plus or minus 30 000 people in one place. The member said he did not know what Ndlovu considered when he gave the 200 000 figure.


Ndlovu further shared that preparations for the upcoming event were at an advanced stage as a selected team was already working on logistics with relevant stakeholders in the country. “The committee is currently in the country to work on logistics at the border gates, in particular Lavumisa, since many people will come through that border gate. They are working on an arrangement so that other people will not be affected at the border gates,” he said. He added that the team had also engaged the Ministry of Public Works and Transport concerning the roads leading to their camp. Ndlovu said they needed to be attended to as it was not ideal for small cars. He said during their two-week stay in the country, they would conduct a prayer service at Ludzidzini Royal Residence. On another note, Ndlovu stated that the two-week event would come with business opportunities as basic necessities would be required at the camp.