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GILGAL-MP nominee, Antti Avhininen, has said he had to spend nights at a friend’s house because of threats made against him prior to the primary elections.

Avhininen whose initiation (kubutseka) name isMaflowers, eventually lost to Bongani Ndzabandzaba. Maflowers received 472 votes. He alleged that he received numerous threats after his nomination to stand for the MP position. He was nominated at Vikizijula chiefdom under Gilgal Inkhundla. “Ever since I was nominated I have had to seek solace in a friends’ house in Manzini as I have received numerous threats from unknown people,” he said.

“At most time while I was driving into my homestead, suspicious vehicles were following me and as a result of that I ended up driving off back to Manzini where I spent the nights there. The news got to me and my campaign team that there are people who were not happy that I was vying for the lawmaker position.” Furthermore, Maflowers stated that at one time he had to make a U-turn and sped off back to Manzini.

"Seemingly these unknown people had an agenda as there were several cars which were following me at a distance and I was on my way home that day when I noticed them. However, my campaign manager reported the threats to the Siphofaneni Police”he added. The aspiring Lawmaker, however, then pointed out that this incidence was water under the bridge as he was focusing on serving the people of Gilgal and the rest of Eswatini.

Maflowers said that this is not the end for him in the politics and he will continue pushing until he gets into the August House as he believes that he stands a better chance in assisting the country achieve the First World Status and fulfill the dream of His Majesty King Mswati III. Eswatini National General Elections are currently underway as the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has already led the local electorate through the voter registration, voter validation, nomination and primary elections phases.

It should be noted that the national elections are under the Tinkhundla System of Government where over 59 Constituencies elect their idea or rather favourite candidate under the Bucopho, Indvuna yeNkhundla and Member of Parliament (MP) positions.

Meanwhile, Maflowers said that he was still hopeful that the residents of Gilgal and the entire Eswatini would still benefit from his experience. “I am still hopeful that they (Constituency) would still find value in my experience as a financier who has already brought over 900 million US Dollars to Africa from foreign investors,” Avhininen said. It should be noted that even other Parliament hopefuls who have failed to make the cut during the Primary elections have also said they have been threatened by unknown people hence their defeats.

Another MP Nominee Bonginkhosi Dlamini told our sister publication that he was kidnapped by over five armed men. The correctional officer had been nominated to run for the MP position under the Maphalaleni Constituency. Deputy Police Information and Communication Officer, Nosipho Mnguni said there was no official case that was opened pertaining to the Parliament hopeful. However, the Campaign Manager (Galajane), Jeanette Ngubeni confirmed that she was sent to the Siphofaneni Police Station to request for security after Maflowers had received threats.

“I went there solely to seek the police’s protection for Maflowers and the rest of the team, however, police advised me that they will be available in almost all the centres providing security. No case was opened officially,” the campaign manager said.

Maflowers buys emahiya for 30 maidens

MBABANE-Parliament hopeful, Antti Avhininen has bought over 30 kangas for maidens. Avhininen, also known as Maflowers, was seen clad with traditional regalia alongside the 30 maidens from his own constituency. He accompanied them to Ludzidzini Royal Residence where maidens from across the country assembled to be dispatched by the King to cut the reed. “I love my tradition and Eswatini culture and I will forever support and be part of this beautiful occasion as I am an Umbutfo myself,” opined Maflowers.

It worthnoting that Avhininenwas a runner for the Parliament seat at the Gilgal Constituency but, however, was not successful as he said that he spent most of his time before the Primary elections, hiding. However, he applauded his campaign team who went all out to make sure that he amassed with convincing votes. Avhininen eventually got 474 votes while the winner, Bongani Ndzabandzaba obtained 484 which shows a very small margin.

On the defeat, Maflowers told this publication that he appreciates the trust that the residents had in him that they even nominated and rallied behind him. “I am hopeful that they find value in my background as financier that has brought over 900m USD of funding to Africa from foreign investors," Avhininen lamented. Furthermore, Avhininen pointed out that he will not abandon his projects that had already been started at his Constituency now that he has lost out in the race to Parliament. "There are still more bridges to construct and also some projects which would greatly enhance the people in my community,” Avhininen said.

Attracting foreign investment is ideal -Maflowers

MBABANE- Parliament hopeful who is also an investor by profession has said attracting foreign investors can accelerate efforts to resuscitate economy. Further, Antti Avhininen discouraged the mentality of scouting for handouts as a recipe for disaster. “More emphasis should be applied by government in making efforts to attract foreign investors so to unease the unemployment crisis in the country. I would like to applaud His Majesty the King Mswati III who has on many occasions scavenged for more investors abroad and I must say that his efforts should be recommended,” Avhininen pointed out.

“If I give you bread today I would not be helping you but if I teach you how to make your own bread, I have set you for a lifetime,” he further said. In conclusion, Avhininen stated that attracting foreign investment requires a clear and coordinated strategy that focuses on creating an attractive business environment, offering incentives, developing a skilled workforce, investing in infrastructure, and building strong international relationships.