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Thank you for publishing my letter and I hope it will bring encouragement at the current times, when the whole world is struggling with numerous hardships. People need to study Joshua 1:8 continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. There’s no other way that leads to true prosperity in life besides the Word of God Almighty. Many people in this world are misled by satan to think true prosperity is the wealth they possess.


My friend that is not true prosperity; a majority of rich people have no peace in their lives. Most are still fighting a battle to get ahead of others day in and day out. They sabotage others in many ways for them to shine. They are living in fear of death; that is why most are heavily guarded or possess guns. There’s absolutely no peace in their lives. A life of true prosperity is life filled with joy, peace, happiness and love. These can only be found by hearing, reading, meditating, believing and obeying the Word of God. This applies to every day’s life circumstances, whether good or bad.


The Word of God is the lamp that provides light for us to see our path clearly. It removes shadows of fear and death before us and leads us to greener pastures; that is true prosperity. True prosperity is obeying every word that proceeds from God. I repeat; every word that proceeds from God. We don’t get to choose words we like, but every word that proceeds from God does the job for us; it doesn’t matter that the word will make us unpopular.
What matters is that it proceeds from the mouth of God Almighty. The Word is God Almighty. The Word is God Almighty’s instruction and purpose for our lives. The Word is a revelation of things and times yet to come.

That is why we are not troubled by anything that is currently happening or shutting down the world today; it was told to us many, many years ago. We also know what will follow. As Christians we must abide by the Word of God to be able to fight all the battles of life day in and day out. No world weapon can we employ that can win our battles big or small besides the Word of God. Anything that we do outside the Word is a disaster, no matter how much effort and resources we put in. In this period and the future we all need only the Word of God to pull through. Hear it, read it, meditate on it, speak it, live in and on it and share it. You will overcome because no weapon formed against you shall prosper.