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Around the world; conditions worsen daily. Man has tapped the power of the atom. Science and technology have seemingly run amok, producing more horrific new inventions. Now, more and more countries possess weapons of mass destruction. This danger is compounded because mistrust and strife between nations has never been greater. Also, immorality, famine, disease, racism and competition among ethnic rivals, and crime and violence are exploding. Where are these downward trends leading? Will human life survive? What does the future hold?


Many have opinions, but few recognise where to find the answers. Many may think there is no hope for this world, but there is! Wonderful good news lies beyond today’s bad news. The great Creator God in His mercy has given us all the details as far as our future is concerned and these facts are embedded within the pages of the Bible. God has not left mankind without a source of answers that reveal in detail what lies ahead and this can be clearly understood as we consider the prophesies found in the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation. While the media report what is happening, the book of Revelation analyses and explains the root cause of why events happen.


Great prophecies in the book of Revelation show how and when these catastrophic events will occur. Many people believe that Revelation is sealed, closed from understanding however, the very title of the book itself is sufficient refutation of today’s popular opinion; that this book is among the hidden mysteries of God, and cannot be understood. The book of Revelation is a panorama of the glory of Christ. In the gospels we have the record of His toil, suffering, how He was mocked and finally His death upon the shameful cross. In Revelation we have the gospel of His enthronement, His association with the Father upon the throne of universal dominion and His coming again in power and great glory, to reward His followers.

Every fulfilment of prophecy brings its duties; hence there are things in the book of Revelation to be kept, practical duties to be done. A notable instance of this kind may be seen in chapter 14: 12, where it said: “Here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” There is a blessing accorded to the hearers and the keepers of the things that are written in the book.

May God help us and awaken in us a desire to thoroughly investigate and keep the things that are written in His word.  Note: This is not an exhaustive letter on the book of Revelation, but just an introduction and it is also not a substitute for the Bible. Rather, it is intended to be a dynamic exploration into the words of prophecy given by God for the benefit of His people. Hopefully it will be a spark to ignite the true spirit of investigation of what God has said in the book of Revelation. God bless you all!