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Candidates seeking employment in newly-opened hospitals in Dashoguz informed of the amounts of bribes for getting a job

On 27 May President Serdar Berdymukhammedov took part in the grand opening ceremony for a general hospital and an oncology hospital in Dashoguz, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. According to the state-run information agency TDH, the hospitals will employ 1,331 people.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” have learned about the amounts of bribes to secure a job in these medical facilities. A bribe of $5000 needs to be paid to get a job of a physician, $3500 – for a chief nurse, $2500 – for a housekeeping nurse or a cook and $2000 – for a nurse’s aide. It should be emphasized that there is a shortage of qualified specialists even in existing hospitals and clinics of the region.

Arrangements regarding employment can be made at the velayat healthcare department when candidates are informed of the amount of the bribe for the position they are applying for.

It is known that a surgeon from Gubadag etrap was hired in the newly-opened oncology clinic for a bribe of $5000 as well as an X-ray technician and an oncologist employed in the former oncology clinic in Dashoguz.

Healthcare practitioners employed in the old oncology hospitals were scheduled to be transferred to a new clinic but under the pretext that the new medical facility sets increased requirements for personnel and new equipment, candidates must be approved by the healthcare department.

The economic crisis and high unemployment results in corruption in the employment and labour market. “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” has previously reported that the amount of a bribe for securing a job in a new textile factory in Babadaikhan etrap, Akhal velayat, ranges from 10,000 manats ($2.857 using the official rate or $513 at “the black market’ rate) to 20,000 manats.