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Soviet women's fashion: Check out these summer dresses!

Women of the USSR could work in factories and plants, be milkmaids or even military pilots, but no matter what their job was - they all liked to dress up, especially in calico fabrics with colorful prints.

A girl with Leica photo camera, 1934

Alexander Rodchenko/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Girls on holidays, 1940s

Yulia Antonova archive/russiainphoto.ru

Girls by Lake Ritsa in Abkhaz republic, 1952

Boris Makaseev, Vladislav Mikosha/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Actress Klara Luchko in Moscow, 1950s

Yevgeny Umnov/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Women resting on a boulevard bench, 1950s

Dmitry Baltermants/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Girls in the country, 1950s

Boris Kosarev/Maria Kosareva archive/russiainphoto.ru

Girls in a garden, 1950s

Olga Kukhar archive/russiainphoto.ru

Women at a mineral water resort in the Caucasus, 1950s

Ivan Panov/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Soviet Uzbek girls, 1950

Galina Kochetkova archive/russiainphoto.ru

Holidaying in a village, 1950s

Levchenko-Lutvinovy archive/russiainphoto.ru

In a kolkhoz called 'Communist International', 1950s

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

A big city girl, 1950s

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Women at Moscow's oldest sewing factory, 1958

Semyon Fridland/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Ladies taking sun bath, 1958

Dmitry Baltermants/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

A student with a fancy purse, 1950s

Ivan Shagin/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Women on the Red Square, 1960s

Peter Nikushenko/russiainphoto.ru

'Friendship' fountain in VDNKh park, 1960s

Viktor Gorkin/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Girls on a carousel, 1967

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

A Moscow summer day, 1960s

Ivan Shagin/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Actress Yulia Borisova, 1962

Isaac Tunkel/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Soviet automobile advertising, 1964

Yury Levyant/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Women dressed up for the market, 1960s

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

Ladies sitting in a grass field, 1970

Viktor Gorkin/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

A mom in Moscow, 1970s

Viktor Yershov/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

A girl having lunch in a cafe, 1975

Valery Usmanov/Valery Usmanov archive/russiainphoto.ru

Women giggling at a sewing factory, 1981

Yury Inyakin/Izvestia newspaper/russiainphoto.ru

Women strolling on a street in Volgograd, 1989

Vadim Kachan/Vadim Kachan archive/russiainphoto.ru

A sunny summer's day, 1990

Yury Abramochkin/MAMM/MDF/russiainphoto.ru

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