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DJ Akademiks Wants To Sit Down With LL Cool J Over ‘Dusty’ Comment

Last week, DJ Akademiks drew the ire of almost all hip-hop veterans when he criticized how they were living. He also insinuated that these legends could not really be responsible for hip-hop’s growth and eventual development.

One veteran, LL Cool J, had a lot to say about his comments and got support from many others in the industry. What drew his fire was the fact that Akademiks called the pioneers of the industry “dusty.”

DJ Akademiks addressed the backlash he received from almost every corner of the industry during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club yesterday, September 26. He admitted that his tone of phrasing may not have been right and, in a somewhat unexpected move, said he was willing to sit and have a conservation with LL about his comments.

Of course, that’s based on whether or not the New York native even wants to speak with him after having his say on Instagram Live.

He also shared that T.I had reached out for a conversation shortly after the backlash, but that it was his birthday, so the conversation was relatively short.

While he acknowledged Charlamagne Tha God’s opinion that his tone was too abrasive, he added that even if he maintains his composure if he gets to sit with the “I Need Love” rapper, he will not change his views on the pioneers of rap.

He also used the recent incident with Reginae Carter’s mother and Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife Toya Johnson as an example of how he would not back down from his opinions.

“This recent thing with Toya, I did a tone check before. I knew it was going to get lost in it. This is a newer media. I livestream discussing Hip Hop topics and I’m drinking, but I’m trying to entertain people […] My clips are either super hilarious or ‘Damn, he’s disrespectful,’” he said.

Even so, as far as he is concerned, he intends to continue to have spirited debates because of his genuine love of Hip Hop.

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He is quoted as saying, “I ain’t gonna lie, a lot of the guys — who by the way, I looked up to most of them who responded — 95 percent of the people who responded to me in terms of OGs, they weren’t broke and dusty.”

He added: “There were five percent that were though, but 95 percent of them, these are the success stories. But you omitted the context. I was talking about passing on game. I was talking about educating the next generation, rather than criticizing them.”