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McDonald’s open door tour takes customers inside the kitchen

Newsday Reporter McDonald’s Open Doors Tours has re-opened. -
McDonald’s Open Doors Tours has re-opened. -

As the world observed International Day of Universal Access to Information (Transparency Day) celebrated every September 28, Arcos Dorados – the Company operating McDonald’s restaurants in 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean announced the re-opening of the Open Doors Kitchen Tours.

During the covid19 pandemic, visits to McDonald’s kitchens in Trinidad were temporarily suspended. Now, the open doors initiative is back with a revamped and updated edition to clear up all the myths and doubts about the world’s most iconic food, said a media release.

“People are increasingly demanding and discerning about the quality of the food they eat. Open Doors is a way to give them the opportunity to get to know us better and see firsthand the work we do to offer ingredients of the highest standards and certified origins, whose preparation uses the most rigorous processes to end up on the customers’ table. We have nothing to hide,” said David Grinberg, vice-president of corporate communications at Arcos Dorados, reaffirming that the company is the only one in the fast-food industry to open its kitchens to the public.

Those who participate in the visit will be able to clear up doubts, debunk myths and learn all about the quality ingredients and processes that go into preparing the McDonald’s menu, the release said.

The open doors tour is available at McDonald’s restaurants in Trinidad – Cipriani Boulevard, Grand Bazaar, La Romain and Gulf View and no pre-registration is needed. For approximately 20 minutes, the market manager Kalifa Duncan and her team will guide visitors through the entire kitchen experience, which includes a demonstration of food hygiene and safety measures, ingredient sourcing and storage, order preparation and many other “secrets” that, although out of sight, are part of the strong commitment to quality that the Company has consistently shown since its beginning.

At the end of the tour, visitors will be able to provide feedback on the experience through a brief satisfaction survey. Tours can be conducted from Monday to Thursday, for a maximum of five persons at a time, and are open to customers over 18 years of age; once a mask is worn and they comply with the food safety measures required to enter the kitchens.

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