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PNM Tobago leader: Duke, Farley have lost their way

Corey Connelly PNM political leader Ancil Dennis -
PNM political leader Ancil Dennis -

PNM TOBAGO Council political leader Ancil Dennis says Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke and Tobago People’s Party (TPP) interim leader Farley Augustine have both “lost their way.”

He was responding on Wednesday to Duke’s call for Augustine to join forces with him to discuss Tobago’s development.

During a news conference on Monday at the PDP’s headquarters at the Port Mall, Scarborough, Duke told reporters he had written to Augustine, the Chief Secretary, asking that they put aside their differences for the good of the island.

He believes there are several issues affecting Tobagonians, none of which are being addressed by the THA.

Duke’s call for reconciliation came three weeks after the Augustine administration launched the TPP in Scarborough.

On Wednesday, Dennis scoffed at the notion.

“It matters not whether these two men reconcile because they have actually, in the last 20 months, traumatised the people of Tobago,” he said in a WhatsApp voice note. “It is the most chaos and confusion we have at the level of our governance on the island of Tobago.

“And therefore, reasonable, right-thinking Tobagonians should have no expectations that these people will actually buckle down, govern and lead this island while delivering in all of the grandiose promises that they have made to the people of Tobago. Reconciliation or not, it is a sad state of affairs.”

Dennis alleged “rampant and blatant corruption” was taking place in the THA.

“We’ve had public officials under investigation by the police. We have had the blatant selling out of Tobago’s resources to individuals and companies from Trinidad, although they promised to put Tobago first.

“So again, reconciliation or not, the bacchanal and the confusion continues and this is quite unfortunate for the people of Tobago because this is certainly not what they voted for.”