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Questions in paradise

Letters to the Editor

THE EDITOR: It is not fair to say we live in a paradise, but then omit the parts that are going wrong. Good things on a trajectory of progression from 2000 to 2016 have fallen into disarray.

The Pointe-a-Pierre refinery went through major upgrades for 2007-2013 positioning it for what would have been economic victories for 2016-2024. It actually got mothballed or scrapped and now it will cost money to rebuild; meantime for the period we did not gain what would have been value-added returns.

Pension cheque processing went from almost-resolved to running into new types of problems with tech and ID. It is not as if the public service cannot personally know who 98 per cent of the pensioners really are and vouch for them.

On top of it there are still cheque-discounting scams easy to foil that are not intercepted. Why so much oppression on the weakest members of the society; and so much delay in solving their very simple issues?

From that angle, notice also there is a continuing phenomenon where simple fixes are not even noticed and things stay in disarray subject to easy manipulation. When a clerk, say, at Registry, groundlessly refuses a service that must be performed, recourse in court would be costly and time-consuming. But put the clerk's name on the counter and you empower the public.

If the refusal is a clique activity, the public can expose it quickly. You also empower the clerk to refuse to follow the superior's instructions that are not of the superior's true powers; and to refuse to follow the clique. The police could take reports with names.


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