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Rennie Ramnarine to be cremated on Thursday

Veela Mungal Raymond and Rennie Ramnarine - Photo courtesy Overtime Media
Raymond and Rennie Ramnarine - Photo courtesy Overtime Media


The funeral of Rennie Ramnarine, brother of singer Raymond Ramnarine, of the musical group Dil-E-Nadan, takes place on September 7.

Rennie, 51, died on September 5.

His brother Richard Ramnarine said a private service will be held at Dass Funeral Home at 7 am.

From 9 am-11 am, Rennie’s body will be at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA), Todd Street, San Fernando, for public viewing. His body will then be taken to the Mosquito Creek Cremation Site for final rites.

The three brothers, Rennie, Richard and Raymond, were all part of the band since childhood. The band was formed by their late father Moonilal “Tole” Ramnarine.

Raymond told Newsday, “We owe it to the fans to have a place where they can go to pay their respects, and that’s why we are taking his body to SAPA.”

On his emotions on Rennie's death Raymond said, “I could be better, I’m just hanging on.”

He said one thing keeps replaying in his mind was that Rennie, with his last breath and strength, called out to Raymond, “Ray!"

"...and that was all.” Raymond said.

“I am just happy that I was home when Rennie passed away.

"We are still trying to cope with the loss of our dad earlier this year.

" All my life I have known the three Rs (Rennie, Raymond and Richard) but now it is just two Rs (Raymond and Richard). What comforts me is knowing that he (Rennie) is with Daddy. It just really hurts to see people suffer like that,” he said, referring to his brother’s battle with renal failure.

“He was having a hard life, but I am grateful the pain, etcetera, is done. I got to squeeze his head (because he asked me to) and squeeze his feet and I even made him his favourite cup of tea." He said Rennie told him it was "the best tea ever."

"God is great and our duty now is to look after Mom and help her pick up the pieces of her life, because it has been rough for her.”

Rennie is survived by his wife, Maria Seenath, and their three daughters, Samara, Samiya, and Raveena

The family has been flooded with calls and messages as condolences continue to pour in for Rennie, the band’s bass guitarist.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar also expressed condolences to the family. In a Facebook post on the United National Congress’s page she said, “The musical and cultural landscape of TT has lost an important member this morning with the passing of Rennie Ramnarine, bassist, guitarist and singer of the iconic band.

“Rennie followed in the footsteps of a great musical family in TT and made his mark on our cultural history as a nation, ever since his coming on the scene in 1990. In addition, Rennie was a great and kind human being who was loved dearly, and will be missed deeply."

Soca parang artiste Marcia Miranda said, “I remember being introduced to him (Rennie) at Rishi’s and he smiled so nonchalantly as Rishi shared of his well-deserved talents. I could tell that he was a humble person. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace Rennie.

"Rennie battled chronic kidney failure since 2019 and passed away early this morning. I express my deepest condolences to his family...

"Rennie was an integral part of the tremendous creative legacy of TT. I know that his musical contributions will be kept alive and remembered, and we must ensure that the artistic talent of our country, in all its forms, continues to flourish and build upon the foundation that Rennie and others have left behind for us.”

Senior counsel Larry Lalla also posted on Facebook, “Rennie Ramnarine used his God-given talent and tried in his own way to make TT a better place. We are better for his contribution to national life. May he travel well and may his family and friends, and all of us who mourn, receive comfort in and from the beautiful memories he left us from his time here.”

Dr Roodal Moonilal, MP for Oropouche East, told Newsday, “I would like to extend deepest condolences to the Ramnarine family, the Dil-E-Nadan musical establishment and their thousands of fans throughout TT, the Caribbean and the wider region on the passing of the cultural icon Rennie Ramnarine. He has been a force in the family and in the sphere of Indian music and culture for several decades.

"As a fan, as a Member of Parliament and a former minister, it saddens me – this loss of such a talented son of the soil. We wish that his soul will travel without hindrance and without obstacles.”