Trinidad and Tobago
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The otherpolitical elephant in the room

Letters to the Editor

THE EDITOR: The people want water. Every citizens should have water 24/7. WASA is the other political elephant in the room. Just like crime, the problems that are attributed to the Water and Sewage Authority did not begin nor will they end just so. Let us consider a recent statement/headline: "WASA water draining the treasury."

Who interferes with water courses? Who dumps garbage in rivers and streams? Who builds houses on river banks? Who constructs homes on low-lying ground without putting them on stilts? Who fails to realise that TT never expected to be so creative with the roll-on roll-off car industry? How may families have two cars? Who has heavy good vehicles mashing up the roads and contribute to numerous potholes and broken water lines?

We now have more vehicles than the 1.4 million population. We have used tyres and rusting car parts dumped in water courses by uncaring individuals.

Next in the argument is the fact that some citizens appear not to understand the full ramifications regarding climate change. Landslides are an inevitability of horrendous amounts of rain softening the ground. It's expensive business repairing landslides year in and year out.

River banks are collapsing and the flood waters are getting deeper and spreading further as the oceans invade our land.

There is an inference that if you patch river banks, flooding will be permanently alleviated. What a joke. How many miles of river banks can be successfully restored and last forever?

Mother Nature must be hysterically laughing at us.

And then, after the inevitable flooding of homes, citizens expect heavy financial compensation without the government checking to see who may be telling lies to cash in on the free money.

Sickeningly, we have a few citizens sabotaging strategic water pumps that cost millions of dollars. Is this reprehensible behaviour politically motivated? Ask no questions and be told no lies?

We live in sweet TT where talk is very cheap indeed, even as we assist WASA in draining the treasury dry.


Diego Martin