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Australian serial killer allegedly threatening the family of fiancee he murdered

New images of notorious cross-dressing serial killer have emerged after the triple-killer appeared on a Facebook page under a different alias.

Reginald Arthurell, 75, served 23 years of a 24-year sentence for the murder of his fiancee Venet Mulhall, 54, in the northern New South Wales town of Coonabarabran in 1995. 

The murderer walked out of Sydney's Long Bay jail in November 2020 after the NSW Parole Authority concluded it was the 'only viable option'. 

Arthurell has reportedly been cross-dressing under the name 'Regina', which violates his parole conditions that say he is not allowed to alter his appearance.

The 75-year-old has also allegedly been making threats against the family of his partner who he brutally killed, according to reports by 2GB. 

Serial killer Reginald Arthurell has been found on transgender Facebook pages speaking to people under the alias 'Regina'

Notorious New South Wales serial killer Reginald Arthurell (pictured) was released from prison after spending 23 years behind bars on strict parole conditions

Arthurell was released a year early on parole rather than a year later because it was safer to do so than to let him out 'cold turkey', State Parole Authority chair David Frearson SC said.   

In 1997 Arthurell was sentenced to 24 years jail for the brutal bludgeoning killing of his deeply religious fiancée Venet Mulhall with a piece of wood in 1995 while on parole.

She allowed Arthurell to live in her home in Coonabarabran after she helped him with his parole for two other killings. 

Arthurell had already been jailed for the manslaughter of his stepfather Thomas Thornton in Sydney in 1974 and naval officer Ross Browning in the Northern Territory in 1981.

He's now been active on a Facebook page, speaking with other cross-dressers under the name Regina.

The source, who spoke to Ben Fordham, says they've contacted police after alleging Arthurell has been in contact with and making threats to Mulhall's grieving family.

Paul Quinn, who found his sister's body, said the sentencing judge should have set a life term without parole. 

'When the judge sentenced him to 24 years in prison that should have been life, never to be released,' he said.

Arthurell, 75, pictured wearing the clothing of one of his victims, fiancee Venet Mulhall

Serial killer Reginald 'Tex' Arthurell (pictured with his former fiancee and victim Venet Mulhall) was released from prison in November last year

Arthurell's release was six months earlier than the end of his 24-year term for the murder of Ms Mulhall.

'There comes a time when it becomes dangerous to let someone out without supervision at all,' Mr Frearson said last month.

Arthurell is required to wear an ankle bracelet, participate in psychological programs and abstain from alcohol in addition to 11 standard parole conditions.    

'There wouldn't be a member of the (parole) board that would like this person living in their neighbourhood, let alone living as a neighbour,' Mr Quinn told the parole hearing in November. 

Arthurell (pictured) was also jailed for the manslaughter of naval officer Ross Browning in the Northern Territory in November 1981 and his stepfather Thomas Thornton in Sydney in May 1974

'The NSW Attorney-General, Mark Speakman could have applied to have him kept in jail beyond his sentence but that boat appears to have sailed.' 

Mr Frearson, a former crown prosecutor and District Court judge, said he understood Mr Quinn was frustrated with the original sentence, which expires on May 24, 2021, but said the parole board couldn't interfere with it.  

'Strict supervision in the community presents as "the only sensible and viable option for community safety", Mr Frearson said.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman previously said there were 'unfortunately zero' prospects of getting a continuing detention order for Arthurell. 

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