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Lindsey Graham blasts corporate America and says Georgia GOP has seen big loss in campaign donations

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina ripped corporations who joined a boycott over Georgia's new election restrictions – and complained that corporate contributions to the Republican Party are drying up.

Graham, a fierce Donald Trump ally, went on the attack during an appearance on Sean Hannity's program on Fox. He blasted the boycott – even as he said it was having in impact by keeping donors away from the state Republican Party since Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law new voter ID restrictions on absentee ballots, drop boxes, and other voting aspects. 

'They are trying to intimidate corporate America to abandon the Republican Party,' Graham fumed, where during the 2020 elections he pleaded for donations to his own Senate reelection campaign. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham said boycott efforts in Georgia were trying to 'intimidate' people. He said 18 companies decided not to give to Georgia state GOP amid the pressure

'And here’s my message to corporate America, corporate Georgia: have you lost your mind? Don’t you realize that the only thing between you, and your companies, and your shareholders and the Democratic agenda of high taxes, incredible regulations, and unbelievable spending is the Republican Party?' he said. 

'Don’t you realize that the Republican Georgia – the two Democrats in Georgia in the United States Senate – are fully on board for the most radical agenda in the history of the country when it comes to tax spending and regulation?' he told the network. 'So they're intimidated.'

Graham told Hannity, himself an influential Trump backer and occasional advisor, about the financial impact. 

State faith leaders have called for boycotts of Georgia-based companies including Home Depot over the law. Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star game out of the state, and Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola issued statements condemning the law last month.

Graham said he was in the state for its annual state party fundraising dinner. 'Eighteen corporations who money gave money last year, decided not to give a dime this year,' he complained.

'Only one corporation in Georgia helped the Republican Party, Georgia Power. They lost $150,000 because corporations in Georgia have been intimidated by this idea of Jim Crow 2.0. So I’m going to give $75,000 from my campaign to the Georgia Republican Party who we're going to need to take the Senate seat back in Georgia.

The cross-pressures over the election law, enacted after Trump claimed Biden's election was fraudulent despite multiple recounts in the state and assertions by election officials, come as the GOP prepares for a contentious week in Washington.

GOP leaders in the House have gotten behind an effort to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who backed Trump's impeachment after the Jan. 6th riot. 

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