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Nicaraguan Dictatorship Expels More Nuns: This Time the Religious of the Cross

Enrique Villegas

(ZENIT News / Managua, 21.09.2022).- Daniel Ortega’s Government is enraged again with the Church, this time with a second Congregation of nuns that it expelled from the country. The nuns are the Religious of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who were engaged in Eucharistic Adoration in the Cathedral of Matagalpa of Bishop Rolando Alvarez, whom the Police have detained in unknown whereabouts. 

The nuns arrived in Mexico on Tuesday, September 20. They were given asylum by their Congregation, as Mexico is the country of the nuns’ foundation. This is the second women’s Congregation that the Nicaraguan dictatorship expels from the country. Last June the Nicaraguan Government expelled Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity. In this case, the Government didn’t give reasons for the expulsion. 

In recent statements to the press, during his return from Kazakhstan, Pope Francis said regarding the situation in Nicaragua:

“[…] I hope Mother Teresa’s Religious will return. These women are good revolutionaries, but of the Gospel! They don’t make war on anyone. On the contrary, we all need these women. It’s a gesture that can’t be understood … But we hope they will return, and that the dialogue can continue. Never stop dialogue. There are things one doesn’t understand. To put a Nuncio on the border is something very serious from the diplomatic point of views. The Nuncio is a good fellow who has now been appointed elsewhere. These things are difficult to understand and also to bear. But situations like this happen in Latin America, in one place or another.”