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USA: Oklahoma Law Prohibits Public Financing of Trans “Treatments” for Minors

Tim Daniels

(ZENIT News / Oklahoma, 13.10.2022).- On Tuesday, October 4, Oklahoma’s Governor Kevin Stitt signed a law prohibiting the financing with public funds of medical procedures known as “Trans Therapies” for minors who feel themselves of the opposite sex to that of their natural biological condition. Such treatments usually include “gender reassignment” surgeries, which entail blocking puberty and hormones.

Oklahoma’s Government stated that, “By promulgating this law today, we are taking the first step to protect children from permanent gender reassignment surgery and therapy. It’s totally inappropriate that taxpayers’ money be used to tolerate, encourage or carry out this type of controversial procedures on healthy children.”

Oklahoma is not the first State to be concerned about this type of therapies for minors. Hence, the Governor is asking Congress for the total and permanent prohibition of these types of procedures in the next legislature. “We cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in our nation,” he said. 

In statements to The Daily Signal, Governor Stitt stressed that “Our attention was called to the fact that in one of our University Hospitals irreversible sex reassignment and hormonal therapy is being carried out on minors. We simply don’t think this is right. Minors must be protected. We don’t permit minors to drink alcohol. We don’t permit minors to do many things and we simply don’t believe that surgeries that change minors’ life make sense.” 

Local and some national media have described the law as being against the care of trans young people. For Stitt, the problem is “the castration of minors that have yet to reach maturity.” 

According to the Governor’s data, 95% of Oklahoma’s population supports the measure. Only the Left “things that that is normal.”