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Vatican: Advent of An Observatory for Marian Apparitions and Mystical Phenomena Related to the Virgin Mary

An Observatory of apparitions and mystical phenomena linked to the figure of the Virgin Mary in the world, has been created in the Pontifical International Marian Academy (PIMA). Its objective is to analyze and interpret the different cases of Marian apparitions: lacrimation, apparitions, but also interior locutions, stigmata and other mystical phenomena happening at present or that have already happened, but are still awaiting a pronouncement of the ecclesiastical authority on their authenticity. 

Father Stefano Cecchin (OFM), PIMA’s President, explained that “our objective is to offer a concrete support for the study, authentication and correct diffusion of such events, always in tune with the ecclesiastical magisterium, the competent authorities and the existing rules of the Holy See on the matter.”

The Observatory will act in a systematic, strategic, multi-disciplinary and qualified manner, in collaboration with experts and researchers, top level personalities in the scientific field and ecclesiastical authorities. It’s important to clarify the matter, because often alleged messages generate confusion, spread anxious apocalyptic scenarios and even accusations against the Pope and the Church. How could it undermine her integrity or sow fear and opposition to Mary, Mother of the Church, who is Mother of Mercy and Queen of Peace?” “Moreover, it’s important to offer formative support because to address certain cases requires adequate preparation,” continued Father Cecchin. 

The Observatory is made up of an Executive Committee and a Central Scientific Committee. In addition to Father Cecchin and his co-brother, Brother Marco Mendoza, Secretary of PIMA,  the former Committee includes Sister Daniela del Gaudio, Professor of Ecclesiology  and Mariology in several Pontifical Athenaeums (PUA, PUSC, APRA, Seraphicum) as Directress, and Father Raffaele Di Muro, of the Friars Minor Conventuals, Dean of the “Saint Bonaventure” Pontifical Theological Faculty and Editor of the Dictionary of Christian Mystical Phenomena, as Deputy Director.

Included in the Central Scientific Committee are Father Gian Matteo Roggio, missionary of Our Lady of La Salette, adviser of PIMA and Professor of the Marianum Pontifical Theological Faculty; the Dean of the same University, Father Denis Kulandaisamy, of the Order of the Servants of Mary; the expert in Mariology Father Salvatore M. Perrella, also a Servite; Luciano Regolo, Co-Director of ‘Famiglia Cristiana’ and ‘Maria con Te’, and Paolo Cancelli, specialized lawyer in the protection of fragile persons against the crime of elusion.

In addition, local scientific committees will soon be created in the logic of an operative network  that will be able to broaden increasingly its reach. The Observatory, which will begin its activities officially with its first meeting on Saturday, April15, 2023 in PIMA’s headquarters, is also where it will work routinely, and be able to meet and work “on site” according  to the needs and requests of support. 

“The purpose of the Observatory to act in an efficient and capillary manner, to activate national and international commissions to evaluate and study apparitions and mystical phenomena reported in different areas of the world, to promote updating and training activities on this type of events and their multiple spiritual and cultural meanings, to promote activities of divulgation and high level advice, especially at the service of the local Churches and of the Bishops, but also research and transdisciplinary activities in concert with academic institutions, both lay as well as ecclesiastical, and the publication of the results of the investigations carried out,” concluded Father Cecchin.