Detects SAR-CoV-2 antibody in breast milk

According to scientists the US and China, in the milk of mothers of newborns infected each Coѵīd-19 detects antibodies to the SAR-CoV-2.

The researchers said they not only help the child fight germs but can also be used for preventive purposes, helping protect adults as well. 

The data were based on a study of thousands of breastfeeding women, 350 of whom had Coѵīd-19. The scientists analyzed their milk samples, collected 14 to 30 days after symptoms subsided.

Results showed that 80% of the milk had IgA antibodies. These are specialized antibodies that can exist in the gastrointestinal tract after being treated with gastric juice to protect the baby from the disease. In breast milk also found other antibodies (IgG and IgM) in small proportion.

“In vivo studies (direct studies on living organisms) have shown that antibodies are secreted very strongly, passing through the mucous membrane after being affected by the digestive system and becoming sustainable, capable of resistance to enzyme degradation, so they have great potential for treating Coѵīd-19, ”the researchers wrote.

According to virologist Pavel Volchkov, the breastmilk method cannot replace the antibody-containing plasma transfusion method of people who have had Coѵīd-19.

"The secretions of IgA are abundant in milk, which neutralize bacteria and vir‌uses, but cannot help kill them. These antibodies attach to pathogens, neutralize and prevent them from entering through skin surface, intestines, mucus barrier in the lungs, antibodies in the blood are different forms.They have more active functions, contributing to destroying infected cells and treating diseases, not just to stop them, "Mr. Volchkov explained.

However, this expert does not deny that this method can be applied with experimental properties.

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