Đúng đầu tháng 4 âm lịch, 3 con giáp vươn lên thành đại gia

Football news:

Petit on Mbappe: Kylian is often annoyed when things don't go his way. This reminds me of Neymar
Southgate on Sterling: His performance says we have to believe in him
Croatia defender Guardiola about 0:1 with England: We didn't show our maximum. We can play better
Wegorst about 3:2 with Ukraine: An exciting match, a well-deserved victory for the Netherlands
Southgate on Phillips: Gives a slim midfield and allows you to play effectively in the attack of the four
Christian Eriksen: I won't give up. I want to understand what happened to me
Zinchenko about 2:3 with the Netherlands: It hurts to miss in the last minutes, but this is football