Google will significantly improve the battery drain of Chrome on Mac

Is the world’s most popular browser, but Chrome also exist many limitations, making the user bored clam. In particular, the most prominent is the level of “battery“ of this browser with mobile devices, laptops.

According to a source quoted by The Wall Street Journal , Google is committed to addressing the battery-draining browser issue on mobile devices, especially Macs, in the near future. This problem has been mentioned a lot before, and is considered a major minus point of Chrome compared to other browsers, such as Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Specifically, Chrome will restrict resources from tabs in the background and give priority to only the active tab. In the past, maintaining parallel resources between browser tabs prevented websites from having to reload content, but "had a strong impact on battery performance".

"We will make improvements in speed, performance and battery life suitable for Macs to improve the situation," said Max Christoff, technical director at the Chrome browser division.

Earlier, in May 2020, Google also set out a plan to improve battery consumption of Chrome browser by blocking resource-heavy ads. These measures are currently being tested on some Mac computers.

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, but Chrome still has many limitations that make users bored. In particular, the most prominent is the level of "battery", as well as the amount of RAM and CPU compared to other browsers markedly.

"I only use Chrome when Safari crashes (on a Mac). It’s terribly slow, and it also takes a lot of RAM, CPU, and battery to run. Not to mention its interface is also bad," djcerla user said. share.

"Imagine how much computer performance and power is wasted by Chrome every day," user mannyvel wrote on the MacRumors forum. "Google may have more activities toward the Green Planet, but a more efficient software will be more effective than any other action they can do at the company level."

Google is expected to release an update to help improve the Chrome browser around the end of August this year.

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