Ukraine kéo vũ khí khủng tới sát Crimea khiến Moscow "giật mình"

Football news:

Manchester United fans held a protest against the Glazers, blocking the entrances to the club's base: We decide when you play
Perez and Agnelli are sure that 90 minutes is a lot for matches. Three years ago, we officially wanted to play for an hour, but with time stops
Ceferin about the Super League: Barcelona was the least disappointing. Laporta is a cunning negotiator and has found an exit strategy
Perez on Ramos' contract: I love Sergio like a son, but we haven't reached an agreement yet. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has clarified the situation with the contracts of defender Sergio Ramos and midfielder Luka Modric
Fernandinho: No one who loves the game has supported the Super League. Football won
In response to the threat of the Super League, the Champions League was created 30 years ago. Reformers chose the lesser evil - so super clubs appeared
Florentino Perez: Children need to be persuaded to watch football. If there is a good match, young people get involved. We only think about the fans