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Cool Stuff: Manila & Hong Kong Typhoon Dramas

Hong Kong, SAR — As a Savaii guy, Cool Stuff is used to self reliance.  When my Adventure Gifts business blew down at Aggie Grey’s father’s historic pharmacy building on Beach Road, it was just tough luck, my problem.  No assistance was expected from our Western Samoa Government.

Typhoon Nalgae caused me to be stuck in Guam and Manila (and added two days hotel & taxi expense) but I am not whining.  Over 100 Filipino souls went to heaven while I hunkered down in Manila.

I felt the pain, as I was one of many of us who lost relatives in our terrible Samoa tsunami tragedy a decade ago.

While sharing this ongoing drama, I am writing while standing in a 1 mile COVID-19 testing site.  As in the above image, the neighborhood tent-like structures are shut down out of appropriate precaution.

The New Town Mall “COVID-19 Community Testing Center” was closed yesterday, as were and are all schools, as Typhoon Nalgae approaches Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China. [photo by Barry Markowitz, courtesy Sadie’s by the Sea]

There is no excuse in the “Zero COVID” People’s Republic of China.  The fine is $10,000 HK dollars for non-compliance.  Yesterday local TV broadcast several Hong Kong citizens being led to prison after being convicted for fraudulent vaccination exemptions… despite prior court victories, subsequent legislation put their status in an unfavorable legal position.

This is a mix of the new CCP Hong Kong and the old Hong Kong here.  The public school across from my Sha Tin, Kowloon hotel flies only the red starred flag of Mainland China.  “The Rule of Law” is the new guiding cultural philosophy embraced by Premier Xi Jinping and administered here in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

Cool Stuff understands compliance and obedience from my honor to serve ASNOC as the Press Attaché during the Beijing Winter Games this past February.  This is China’s country, so I try to be a humble quiet guest.  My duty to previously serve ASNOC and now the Samoa News for the HSBC Hong Kong 7s is my focus and my objective.

My reporting is not censored here.  I expect my stories to b focused on the impact of our Manu Samoa and Pacific Islanders from all teams, and a special program the Government of Hong Kong has invited Cool Stuff to participate in through the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)

I have made it clear that I represent no one in my HKTB special program invitation… but as a former member of the Western Samoa Visitor’s Association, I realize this program invite could allow me to advocate for recognition of Samoa, American Samoa, and Hawaii for reciprocating tourism and commerce.  I have advised Mufi Hannemann (Hawaii Hotel Association) and Hawaii Lt Gov. Josh Green, MD… and hopefully the word got passed on to Gov. Lemanu P.S. Mauga and Lt. Gov. Talauega E.V. Ale

Typhoon Nalgae is just now starting to blow hard with rain… and Cool Stuff is in the middle of a wide-open plaza.

Pray for those lost in Mindanao, Phillipines and keep your fingers crossed for us in South China.

Hopefully next Cool Stuff is just rugby, and Kowloon Culture.

We have all endured Cyclone Ofa and Val… Cool Stuff is hardened to handle Nalgae.