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Direct Charter Flights from China Postponed to Resume in September

By Staff Reporters

APIA, SAMOA – 15 JUNE 2023: The direct Charter Flights that brought in tour groups from China on weekly excursions in Samoa since the end of May have been postponed to resume in September 2023.

The Hong Kong based Travel Focus and Aggie Greys Hotel in Samoa that have been responsible for the direct flights, say this is to allow time to secure Scheduled Flights between China and Samoa in order to provide maximum benefits not only for the visitors but the local tourism industry and related services in Samoa.

The flight organisers originally confirmed four direct Charter Flights however, the Civil Aviation legal conditions allow only two Charter Flights within twenty eight days; which made it impossible for the last two charter flights to arrive in Samoa in the planned timeframe.

China tourists RLS Museum
China tourists RLS Museum

The Chinese tourists at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Vailima.

Work is now underway with the Samoa Government authorities to secure landing rights for Scheduled Flights which when approved, will allow more flexible flight schedules to achieve weekly flights as originally planned.

This process however takes at least 90 days and why the flights have been postponed to resume in September 2023.

“Meanwhile, we are maintaining the excellent professional and personal relationships we have developed with the local hoteliers and local service providers we worked with to successfully deliver since the start of this exciting venture,” said the organizers in a media statement.

“Hosting weekly tour groups is a mammoth undertaking and operation but one that we firmly believe, has and will continue to impact hugely and positively on the Samoan economy.

China coconut demo
China coconut demo

Tour Guide Toleafoa Chris Solomona displaying the uses of the coconut.

“For the local hotels we worked with, we have rebooked and paid Deposits for September and we will use the next three months to address what we identified in hosting the previous tour groups. It will also give valuable time for the local industries such as handicrafts producers, to develop potential products for our visitors having learnt from the experience of the previous groups.

“Travel Focus in collaboration with Aggie Greys Hotel sincerely acknowledge the continuing support of the Samoan Government and its agencies and we look forward to the approval of our Scheduled Flights so we can continue to deliver what we originally set out to bring in weekly direct flights of tour groups from China to Samoa.”

China tour buses
China tour buses

Driving through the villages

There have been very positive feedback from the hotels and services used to accommodate and serve the guests. These included:

  • Le Sanita Hotel, Hotel Elisa, Alec Accommodations, Moatoga Hotel, Le Rics Housing, Samoa Tradition Resort, Orator Hotel, Saint Therese Retreat, Le Aura Hotel, Fiafia Family Hotel, Samoa Holiday Hotel, Trinity Hotel, Karl’s Getaway, Transit Hotel.
  • Transport Companies: Galusina Transport, Lanuola Transport, Sunrise Transport.
  • The 22 Tour Guides, 4 Translators and 100 + extra ground staff.
  • Leota Lene and the Siva Afi Fire Knife Dancers, Falefa EFKS Youth and the Faatoia EFKS Youth Group.

“But not the least, the warmth and friendliness of the Samoan people.

“We thank you sincerely for your hospitality and for making our guests so welcomed.”

China tourists
China tourists

Chinese tourists happy faces in Samoa.