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Samoa’s Population Increases by 4.9%

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – 08 DECEMBER 2022: Samoa’s population has increased by 4.9% and is expected to continue rising by the next census in 2026.

The 2021 Census of Population & Housing Report which was launched early this week recorded Samoa’s population at 205,557, an increase of 9,578 over the population of 195,979 in 2016.

The report noted the number of males at 104,853 and females at 100,704.

“Statistical information as a public tool has been and will always be the key to any successful development of policy and planning across all aspects of governance,” said Leota Laki Lamosiele Sio, Minister of the Bureau of Statistics.

He said with the support of the Government and its partners, Samoa has made progress over the years and performs comparatively well in terms of production and dissemination of social, economic, monetary, environment and sector statistics.

This is the 11th census conducted since Samoa became an independent country in 1962.

The census was implemented in November 2021 using for the first time a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method compared to paper and pen used in the past census activities.

Also published is the second report on the Population and Housing Census 2021.

Statistician Leota Aliilua Salani said the memorable part of the census activity last year was that it was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic which added to the delay of the program.

The other challenges were the sudden passing of the late Statistician Aliimuamua Malaefono Taua Taaloga and the constant commuting of people.

Current breakdown of Samoa’s population:

  • Population – 205,557
  • Males – 104,853
  • Females – 100,704
  • Samoan citizenship – 204,339
  • Non-Samoan citizenship – 1,218
  • Single – never married – 124,641
  • Married –  62,311
  • De-facto union –  10,202
  • Widowed – 5,466
  • Divorced –  1,419
  • Separated – 1,515

Population by religious affiliation

  • Congregational Christian Church of Samoa – 55,411
  • Catholic Church – 36,906
  • Latter Days Saints – 36,159
  • Methodist Church – 24,318
  • Assemblies of God –  20,733
  • Other religions –  31,898
  • No religion – 132.

Also launched were the Samoa’s Statistics Strategy 2022-2026 and the MIC Plus 2022 Survey Report.

“As the Minister for Statistics, I consider the Samoa Statistics Strategy (SSS) an important process and national documents for good governance and I urge all Government bodies, private sector and civil society to contribute and fully cooperate in the implementation and on-going efforts pertaining to the SSS 2022-2026,” said Leota.