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5 Things To Know About Wakeel Allah, The Scholar Of The Five-Percenters

Isheka N. Harrison

Written by Isheka N. Harrison

Oct 26, 2020

Wakeel Allah
5 Things To Know About Wakeel Allah, The Scholar Of The Five-Percenters

The name Wakeel Allah may be unknow to some, but in some way or shape many have either seen his work or that of someone who has been influenced by it. A foremost scholar on the Five-Percent Nation and the Nation of Islam, Allah is referenced by many seeking knowledge about either. Here are 5 things to know about Wakeel Allah.

1. Author, Researcher and Historian

Wakeel Allah is one of the most respected authors on the subject of the Five-Percent Nation, which is also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths. He has also written extensively about the Nation of Islam.

His works include: “In the Name of Allah Vol. 1: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters,” “In the Name of Allah Vol. 2: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters,” “Our Story: A Black Muslim Anthology of NOI Pioneers of the 1930s and 1940s,” “The Naked Truth: From the Goal Mind of Abu Shahid, the Elder of the Nation of Gods and Earths as Told to Wakeel Allah” and “The History of the Nation of Islam Vol. 1: The Pioneer Years (1930–1950).”

2. Wrote most comprehensive history of Clarence13X, Founder of Five-Percent Nation

Clarence13X, also known as Father Allah, was the founder of the Five-Percent Nation. Allah has written the most comprehensive history on him to date, according to The Final Call.

The book has a total of 438 pages and 432 reference notes. In it,

Allah explains the difference between Five Percenter factions. The first group sees themselves as an extension of the Nation.

“Hence, those who see themselves as an extension of the NOI tend to embrace the fundamental concepts of NOI theology. These Five Percenters believe that [his] original intent and purpose of founding the Five Percenters were to spread the teachings of Islam (as taught in the NOI Lessons) to the ‘babies’ in the street who didn’t attend the Mosque. These Five Percenters identify themselves in the lessons as being part of a larger Nation of Islam that encompasses all the human family who “are striving for righteousness” and Black People in particular.”

The second group sees themselves as a division that branched off from the Nation.

“These Five Percenters who are partial to the NOI teachings believe that [he] left the Mosque to establish a counter-teaching or a whole new “nation” that contrasted with the NOI teachings (lessons) or Islam in general. These Five Percenters tend to innovate on the NOI teachings rather than adhere to the fundamental concepts.”

3. Five-Percenter and Nation of Islam Member

Like his colleague, Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Allah is both a Five-Percenter and member of the Nation of Islam. He does not think the two are mutually exclusive.

“We say we’re Muslim … because that’s what Muslim mean, a righteous person and the father told us don’t call yourself a Muslim if you gon’ be out here smoking and drinking, robbing and stealing,” Allah said in an interview in London.”

Allah joined the Five-Percent Nation when he was a freshman in high school in Plainfield, New Jersey. He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta.

4. Founded The Allah Team with Dr. Wesley Muhammad

Since there are a lot of Black Muslims across various sectors of American society, Allah and his friend and colleague, Dr. Wesley Muhammad to found The Allah Team in 1997.

Described on its website as “A Cultural Revolution,” the organization is comprised of Islamic scholars, activists, educators, authors, artists, influencers and more.

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The group was formed to “defend” the Nation of Islam and Five-Percent Nation, the website states.

“And that’s what the Allah Team is – a Defense Team. Who is the defendant? Allah. Whether it’s proving that that which WD Fard brought is true Islam, or that god can be Muslim – whether it’s archiving the origins of Islam in America or returning credit to unsung pioneers, the Allah Team continues to mount strong arguments in the face of constant opposition,’ the About Us section reads. “Though the team may be known by its stars it’s the members and their cause that give the Allah Team strength – and our greatest desire is to unearth and present our stories, our history, our traditions.”

5. Credited with recruiting Jay Electronica to the Five-Percent Nation

Many prominent hip-hop MCs use lyrics that originated from the Five-Percent Nation in their songs. Phrases like “word is bond,” “Peace, God” and “Cipher” all originate from the Five-Percenters.

Some also subscribe to the actual Five-Percenter faith including Rakim Allah, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes and others.

Superstar Jay Electronica also converted to the faith and credited Allah and Muhammad with converting him.

Electronica rhymed “trying to find the meaning of life in a Corona, till the Five Percenters rolled up on a nigga and reformed him.”

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