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A potentially HAZARDOUS asteroid will zoom past Earth TODAY

A potentially hazardous asteroid named 2015 FF will be zipping past Earth TODAY at 33 000 kilometres per hour (km/h) TODAY.  


The giant asteroid is expected to come within 4.3 million km of Earth and has an estimated diameter of between 13 and 28 metres. Adding to its size, it will also be speeding past Earth at 33 012 km/hour, as per HT Tech.

While you may be scratching your head and wondering “what the big deal is,” especially since it’s only 4.3 million kilometres away, it’s important to note that NASA defines any space object that comes within 193 million km of Earth as a “near-Earth object” and any fast-moving object within 7.5 million km as “potentially hazardous.”


Near-Earth-Objects (NEO) zip past Earth all the time. In fact, another three will pass by our region of the universe over the weekend.

Nasa said it monitors more than 29 000 NEOs that pass within 48 million kilometres of Earth’s orbit. Out of those, only 15 000 are classed as Apollo-classed asteroids.

An Apollo-class asteroid orbits our Sun and could potentially, at some point in its trajectory, intercept Earth’s orbit.

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Between now and 29 August, nine other asteroids of similar absolute magnitudes will be passing by Earth, none of which really poses a threat until it somehow changes course.


  • On 11 August, another asteroid 2022 LG4 (NEO) will be flying by our Planet Earth. Its size is estimated in the range from 90 meters to 201 meters, the biggest on this list. The asteroid 2022 LG4 was detected on June 02, 2022. At its closest the asteroid 2022 LG4 will be at 9.82 million kilometers from Earth, passing at a speed of 10 kilometers per second. The next close approach of asteroid 2022 LG4 to our planet will happen on July 31, 2046.
  • On 12 August, Asteroid 2015 FF (NEO) will be passing our planet Earth. At its closest, the asteroid 2015 FF will be at 4,280,000 km from Earth at a speed of 9 kilometers per second. The asteroid 2015 FF is smaller than the other two, approximated to be roughly around 53ft in diameter. The asteroid 2015 FF was discovered on March 16, 2015. The next close approach of asteroid 2015 FF to our planet will happen on August 19, 2066
  • On 13 August, Asteroid 2022 OT1 (NEO) will be appearing in our skies, at its closest the 2022 OT1 will be around 4,760,000 kms from our planet Earth. 2022 OT1 is also the second biggest asteroid to approach our planet this week, at 110ft it is equal in size to the largest Blue Whale ever found on Earth. The asteroid 2022 OT1 was detected on July 25, 2022. This near-Earth object belongs to the Apollo group. The next close approach of asteroid 2022 OT1 to our planet will happen on January 31, 2024.

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