South Africa

Africa: Covid-19 Death Toll Exceeds 104,000 Across Continent

Cape Town — As of March 3, confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries reached 3,913,848.

Reported deaths in Africa reached 104,384 and 3,489,682 people have recovered. South Africa has the most reported cases - 1,514,815 - and 50,271 people died. Other most-affected countries are Morocco ( 484,159 ), Tunisia ( 234,231 ), Egypt ( 183,591), Ethiopia ( 160,813), and Nigeria (156,496).

For the latest totals, see the  AllAfrica interactive map with per-country numbers. The numbers are compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University ( world map ) using statistics from the World Health Organization and other international institutions as well as national and regional public health departments.

AllAfrica interactive map with per-country numbers.

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