South Africa

Angelo Agrizzi being treated harshly, lawyers tell High Court

JOHANNESBURG - While Angelo Agrizzi’s lawyers admit that he has more assets outside the country than in South Africa, they maintain that that does not mean that he intends evading justice.

They're adamant that the fraud and corruption accused former Bosasa COO should be released on bail after it was denied by the Palm Ridge Commercial Crimes Court.

Agrizzi’s lawyers have argued in the High Court in Johannesburg that Agrizzi was being treated harshly by the prosecution even though monies paid to Vincent Smith, who's been released on bail, were from Bosasa and not him.

Agrizzi was denied bail two weeks ago and he is appealing that decision.

His lawyers have told the court he was in ICU on a ventilator and on dialysis.

But doctors find it difficult to treat him because he is chained to a bed even though he is unconscious and there are too many armed guards in his ward.

Judgment on the bail application is expected on Friday.

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