South Africa

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Meanwhile in Dopamine City’, by DBC Pierre

A number of culprits have been fingered in the frequently diagnosed death of the novel. Writers themselves are sometimes held to blame, especially the modernists of a century ago for exhausting the novel’s form with their experimentations. Cinema, television and mass culture are commonly arraigned as chief suspects.

Even reality itself has come under suspicion. How can the fictional contents of a book compete with the preposterous excess of happenings that passes for fact these days?

Football news:

Atletico are in talks with Arsenal to buy out Torreira
Kulusevski scored with the sixth touch and the first shot for Juve-this is crucial in the debut victory of coach Pirlo
Real Madrid was the first in La Liga to release 4 players born in the 2000s
Messi says goodbye to Vidal: I always thought you were a phenomenon. Our paths will cross again
Zidane about 0:0 with Sociedad: Real Madrid lost two points. Overall, we played well
Real Madrid have lost points in 1 La Liga game in 5 of the last 8 seasons as Champions
Andrea Pirlo: I don't want to just copy someone's ideas, I have my own